Clarity Language Access, LLC was approached by several ASL students who wanted to continue their practice in the language with Deaf/HOH individuals, and out of that need came the American Sign Language Online Coffee Chat. Coffee Chat will be a scheduled live chatting session delivered via web-conferencing to help maintain communication with the Deaf/HOH community, as well as sharpen their ASL language skills and experience.
We encourage those who are seeking collective hours to speak with your department head / ASL instructor to see if this is acceptable under their expectations. We understand some colleges/universities are placed in rural areas, and distance, time, and gas money can be an issue for many ASL students. We are just excited to make this an available option for you.
No. LIVE is always better when learning American Sign Language. Due to the shortage of Deaf/ASL events and ASL socials in rural areas, we’re just honored to make this once again, an option.
This allows us to hire Deaf/HOH co-workers to join our team and expose you to a variety of Deaf/HOH signing individuals. You are not learning about just the language, you are also learning about the culture too! And ask yourself, how much does a good cup of mocha coffee cost?
You will need to fill out a request form below. Once we’ve received your request form, you will be sent an invoice to pay your $6.00 registration fee electronically online. Once the registration fee is paid, you will be sent an e-mail with a User ID / Password to join the ASL online coffee chat with the time/date you requested.
We encourage you to plan and register within 48 hours before your request session starts.
We will only allow 12 individuals per web-conference. This is on a first-come, first-served basis system. So grab your seat while you can!

We reserved those days so our Deaf/HOH community are able to use the web-conferencing room for Bible study, Deaf self-advocacy training, educational opportunities/resources, professional development, one-on-one tutoring, etc. In the future, we may be able to offer hours on those days if a huge need should arise and if our Deaf/HOH community find accessible to their schedule but the current hours reflect the most requested and available times.

ASL Coffee Chat Online Registration Form

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